Cress Farm

We breed, show and sale registered miniature horses and are beginning a new breeding program of Teddy Roosevelt Terriers (TRT)

Photo Gallery of shots around our farm and with our family


C and N Miniature Horse and


Teddy Roosevelt Terrier (TRT) Farm






  Jill, Mays, and Reagan in the Gosser Farms Doctor Buggy 

-- the Russell County Christmas Parade 2009 -- The South

Kentucky Miniature Horse Club appeared in the parade.


Reagan resting a moment from riding her 28 inch gelding,  

"Reagan's Five Gallon Bucket"Sold to family in Ohio - Thank

you for your interest.

  Sawyer and Reagan with our fall arrangement at the

entrance of our farm.  We raised everything shown in the

arrangement - even the kids.



  C and N's Five Gallon Bucket (28 inch) vs. Parader's Wonder

Boy (Apache 63 inch) sharing a little dinner.  Both of these

horses have been sold.



 Our Peacock "Blue" and his girlfriends.



 Blue showing off ...


6 Foot Horn Spread




Dynamite has had her calf -- a

red and white bull calf. 

Sawyers has decided to name

him C-4 





5 Foot Horn Spread